Life on the Road with Paul & Kathleen: "Not bad for two dumb kids from Ohio" - Proving once again that it's never too late to have a happy childhood
Our Lazy Daze at Kirk Creek Camp on CA Hwy 1 40 mi N of Hearst's Castle 11/24/03: Shortly after full-timing began. Foretravel & Toad at Caverns of Sonora, TX. Cave comparable to Kartchner in AZ. 5/26/06
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$2800 - 2 BR - 1150sf - 429 Euclid - Oak - Onsite Pkg Soon

Door To Enclosed/Secured Porch

Enter secured 2 BR Apt from porch Stairs go to landing

Landing to top floor

Kitchen 8 x 13

Kitchen 8 x 13

Enter 18 x 27 Dining/Living Room From Stair
Years ago a tenant made an area the size of the bright part of the carpet in the photo into a great fenced play area for their child to explore

Bath 11 x 9.5

3 x 3 Shower at Left

Tub Not Used - Save Water

Bedroom 1 - 11 x 18

BR 1 Closet 6.5 x 6.5

Bedroom 1 - 11 x 18 - 3 Windows

Bedroom 2 - 10 x 14 - 1 Large Window

Bedroom 2 Closet 4 x 6

Bedroom 2 - With Rug

Kathleen and Paul are owners and live on site. So you'll get quick response to your needs and access to your washer/dryer in the basement.

Your apartment is only 100 feet from Grand Avenue and only 100 more to beautiful Lake Merritt where the winter birds are arriving. And runners abound.

Your Saturday Farmer's Market is closeby under/around I-580. Trader Joe's is just a few more feet. Whole Foods Market is walkable from your apartment. Sprouts Farmers Market is on Broadway and Safeway is closeby on Grand Ave.

Then there's the classic Grand Lake Theater. You'll find many good restaurants on Grand and Lakeshore. Walking Grand Ave and Lakeshore at night always reminds me of the Left Bank of Paris.

This area truly is a gem and Kathleen and I are glad and happy to live here. You will be too.

8/4/14 - Rainbow's End RV Park
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When we first "took to the road" we came upon an club that advertised themselves as a "Mail Forwarding" club. We needed some place where our mail could be sent, held safely, then forwarded on to us. It's name is "Escapees." We thought this was a strange name, but once we realized what the "club" was about, we joined. It's been a happy and fruitful relationship ever since.

The name Escapees was chosen because it signifies escaping from the conventional lifestyle to a more adventurous one. The Club was started to help people enjoy full-time RVing. The acronym "S-K-P" (say it fast and it sounds like Escapee) was adopted. Today the club has over 50,000 members.

Rainbow's End, in Livingston, Texas, is the Escapees HQ, and was the first "Escapee" park created.

When we travel, we usually look to see if there's an Escapee RV park where we can stay.

We've visited Livingston's Rainbow's End Escapee park, for an overnight stop, but on this trip we'll stay two nights. We have a reservation to have the motor home weighed. This is something we know we needed to do - carrying around too much of a load is not a good nor safe thing to do. (Note: I am speaking of the weight of motor homes; not our individual weights! But too much weight with RV or person is not good.... I'm going to start a diet "tomorrow"....)

We arrived here on Sunday (8/3) and found out we could get the rig weighed on Tuesday - thus our spending 2 nights here.

The grounds are really nice and the facilities are top notch. We have 50 amps, are within throwing distance from the inviting pool, laundry room and showers!

One thing Kathleen always notices about the RV Parks we stay at is to inspect the rest rooms. If they're clean, we can usually expect the other facilities to be clean, too. We have NEVER been disappointed with any Escapee Park! Our overnight expense is only $21.00!

Following are some pictures to share:

Entrance sign:

Check-In Building:

Tours through this large RV park are conducted weekly on the Trolley!

Our Rig: (close to the pool!)

Laundry Room and Showers:

BTW, a load of wash is only $1 - Same for the Dryers. And the machines are modern, clean and work well!

The pool and one Hall:

The "Mail" building:
It processes so much mail that it has it's own zip code - just this one building!

Club Building:

There's even a little Ice Cream Shop! (Open Tues - Sunday)

The grounds are rich in trees; so lots of shade!

The programs last all year - We took a printed calender and were amazed at what's going on during the summer months. It is apparent that many Snow Birds have left this part of Texas for other places (similar to what happens at Sunbeam.)

So it was a surprise to see that residents and guests can avail themselves of such activities as Line Dancing (Beginning and Advanced!), Square Dancing, Water Aerobics (Beginning and Advanced), Computer Group, Woodcarving, Stitch and Chat, Quilting, Ham Radio Group. There are many kinds of games going on - Bingo, Pinochle, Acoustic Jam Sessions, etc., etc. - quite a place!

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