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Our Lazy Daze at Kirk Creek Camp on CA Hwy 1 40 mi N of Hearst's Castle 11/24/03: Shortly after full-timing began. Foretravel & Friends at Rio Grand Village Full Hookup Camp, Big Bend NP 5/21/06
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$2800 - 2 BR - 1150sf - 429 Euclid - Oak - Onsite Pkg Soon

Door To Enclosed/Secured Porch

Enter secured 2 BR Apt from porch Stairs go to landing

Landing to top floor

Kitchen 8 x 13

Kitchen 8 x 13

Enter 18 x 27 Dining/Living Room From Stair
Years ago a tenant made an area the size of the bright part of the carpet in the photo into a great fenced play area for their child to explore

Bath 11 x 9.5

3 x 3 Shower at Left

Tub Not Used - Save Water

Bedroom 1 - 11 x 18

BR 1 Closet 6.5 x 6.5

Bedroom 1 - 11 x 18 - 3 Windows

Bedroom 2 - 10 x 14 - 1 Large Window

Bedroom 2 Closet 4 x 6

Bedroom 2 - With Rug

Kathleen and Paul are owners and live on site. So you'll get quick response to your needs and access to your washer/dryer in the basement.

Your apartment is only 100 feet from Grand Avenue and only 100 more to beautiful Lake Merritt where the winter birds are arriving. And runners abound.

Your Saturday Farmer's Market is closeby under/around I-580. Trader Joe's is just a few more feet. Whole Foods Market is walkable from your apartment. Sprouts Farmers Market is on Broadway and Safeway is closeby on Grand Ave.

Then there's the classic Grand Lake Theater. You'll find many good restaurants on Grand and Lakeshore. Walking Grand Ave and Lakeshore at night always reminds me of the Left Bank of Paris.

This area truly is a gem and Kathleen and I are glad and happy to live here. You will be too.

3/30/04 - Back to the USA
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Adventure Caravans’ Twin Piggyback, February 19 to March 30, 2004 ended today.

Last night we had our “Farewell Dinner.” The food was excellent, and the dessert was a special cake (tres leche cake) that Larry had ordered. It was sinfully good!

We all enjoyed a leisurely dinner, followed by the “awards” ceremony (posted earlier) – we all got a laugh out of the various “awards” and each recipient received a sort of “diploma” to verify what achievement they had realized on the Adventure!

Larry offered many words of thanks and hoped we’d see him and one another again – at some future Caravan or at one of the several "reunions" that are being planned.

Following Larry’s presentations, Carolee Day -- who surprised everyone with all the work she and her two "angels" – Connie Ross and Connie Sykes had done -- made a few more "awards" and presentations.

First, Carolee read a funny article that had us all laughing. Then she made several more presentations. She created some beautiful little beaded angels. She had seen one of these angels in a patient’s room, (she serves as a Hospice Nurse) and she was able to either make similar ones or ones even nicer (knowing able Carolee).

We all appreciated the nice remarks she made about Ken and Drena (who were “trainees” on the Caravan) and who had been so helpful to all of us.

Larry and Diane were also presented with a nice "award" too. I suspect that the two Connies and Carolee spent a good part of their "free" time working hard on the angels and on the presentations. What clever women! We all gave Larry and Diane a standing ovation, and Carolee and her two angels did such a great job; it should not have come as a surprise, but it did, and all their work and creativity was so appreciated by each of us. It truly was a great way to "end" our journey.

But we had one more little trip, back into the States. We were asked to be prepared to leave early in the morning, and it seems that request was unnecessary. Paul and I began getting breakfast ready at 6:00 AM and we could see many Caravaners out and about all ready!

Before it grew too late, many of us went outside to say “Goodbye” one last time.

We were all anxious to get going, yet we felt a certain melancholy at actually biding one another "Adios" – wondering if our paths will ever cross…

It took some "doing" to get everyone "lined up" and "ready to roll" – our hearts went out to Jim and Sherryll whose Monaco just gave them one problem after another. With Ken’s help, we understand they did make it to the United States --- hopefully to Yuma, AZ where there is a Monaco factory or dealership.

Our route took us through a busy and congested Ensenada. Soon, we turned off Mexico Route 1 at the turn-off to Tecate (Route 3) – where we said "goodbye" to the Pacific Ocean (at least from Mexico).

Our last caravan trip consisted of some 70 miles over more mountains and through some beautiful countryside. At one spot we stopped to regroup – right along a beautiful vineyard.

It looked so much like the Napa Valley (but the sign told us we were still in Mexico!)

We took a few minutes to stretch our legs, bid final "goodbyes" again and then continue on the final few miles.

Bob and Connie Sykes and Bill and Sharon were our "scouts" who drove ahead so that we could determine the best final route through the border. Thanks to their good scouting, the wait at the border was not too bad – slow, but within less than an hour at the crossing, and we were back in the good old U.S.A.

Our CBs cracked again and again with "Adios" "Hasta Luego" and "Via Condios" – until eventually our rigs moved farther and farther away. Some headed to San Diego and to the north – others followed the route to the East. At Yuma some headed farther north – and farther east. The messages became harder and harder to hear, and finally we turned off the CB.

As we traveled on I-10, Paul and I passed or were passed by Bill and Nellie, Sam and Sandy, and Melba and John. We stopped in Yuma for groceries and gasoline. Our destination was Gila Bend, Arizona and as we drove along we saw huge plumes of smoke. We later found out it was the result of a "controlled burn" gone out of control.

Imagine the delighted surprise we enjoyed when we pulled into Augie’s Quail Trail RV Park, right next to John and Charity Avera – who are headed for Houston!

It has been a wonderful adventure, and now each of us returns to our various lives. Hopefully we are wiser and more grateful than when we left on February 19th – and we all have new-found friends and a greater appreciation of our individual families, and the good fortune, good luck and good health we enjoy that have enabled us to participate in this journey.

Paul, Kathleen and Jerry Too ("Smith" that is!)

An Afterthought……. The Mexican Culture Museum at Estero Beach

This was our last stay-over in Mexico on our Adventure Caravans trip. The resort is truly lovely – situated right on a gentle, private bay, just south of the town of Ensenada.

The overnight RV area is well planned, the resort boasts marvelous landscaping, and flowers, flowers and more flowers are seen everywhere.

The Resort Hotel and cottages are impressive, as is the swimming pool and hot tubs. The restaurant served delicious meals by well trained and English speaking waitpersons.

The part about this place that impressed us the most, however, is the Mexican Culture Museum.

This is a private museum, inconspicuously located on the grounds of the resort. It is apparently free to all visitors.

Begun and maintained by Don Benjamin Novelo Silva, the museum offers an outstanding collection of folk art and artifacts entitled "40 Centuries of Mexican Culture."

The statues, paintings and other artifacts are displayed in chronological exhibition rooms, and the collection comprises the pre-Columbian splendor of the Olmec, Aztec, Zapotec and Maya civilizations.

This is a collection of the most ancient of the displays
These cultures are represented in a permanent exhibit of a collection of all kinds of artifacts, statues, paintings, jewelry and ritual, funeral and magical masks.

The Mexican Colonial periods is represented with a collection of ceramics, paintings, furniture and sculptures.

In addition to all the historical and cultural collections, Dom Silva has used many of his wife‘s favorite excerpts from her various readings:

Finally, the exhibit features an area dedicated to the State of Baja California with representative pictoric and marine fossil's collections.

Following are some pictures of a few of the exhibits:

This is an ancient statue called "Mother and Children"

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