Life on the Road with Paul & Kathleen: "Not bad for two dumb kids from Ohio" - Proving once again that it's never too late to have a happy childhood
Our Lazy Daze at Kirk Creek Camp on CA Hwy 1 40 mi N of Hearst's Castle 11/24/03: Shortly after full-timing began. Foretravel & Toad at Rio Grand Village Full Hookup Camp, Big Bend NP 5/21/06
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03/31/1603/30/16 - Here We Are!
07/28/157/28/15 - And the times, they are a-changing.
06/22/156/22/15 Photos of Exterior of 1999 40ft Foretravel
05/13/15For Sale - 1999 U320 40ft Foretravel 450hp Diesel Pusher - First Titled in 2000 - Salon and Forward
05/13/15For Sale - 1999 U320 40ft Foretravel 450hp Diesel Pusher - Outside
05/10/15For Sale - 1999 U320 40ft Foretravel 450hp Diesel Pusher - Pantry - Kitchen - Dinette
05/10/15For Sale - 1999 U320 40ft Foretravel 450hp Diesel Pusher - Bedroom
05/10/15For Sale - 1999 U320 40ft Foretravel 450hp Diesel Pusher - Bath / Laundy
04/29/154/29/15 - Yosemite!
04/26/154/26/15 - A Visit From Two Special People
04/23/154/23/15 - Park Sierra
04/18/154/18/15 - The wild and wooly travels of two old souls …
04/07/15April 5, 2015 - Easter
03/20/15March 20, 2015 - An Adventure to be Remembered!
03/04/15Renewing Friendships 3/1/15
02/28/15February - Finishing Up
02/27/15February 26, 2015 - Picking up our tale again......
11/29/14Thanksgiving and a Little Bit More…11/27/14
11/25/14“Catch Up Posting……” Tuesday, NOVEMBER 25, 2014
11/23/142nd Catch-Up
11/21/1411/21/14 - Catching Up!
09/01/149/1/14 - Happy Birthday, Sissy!!!
08/14/148/14/14 - Barstow to Big Bear RV Park
08/12/148/11/14 - Holbrook, AZ
08/09/148/9/14 -(8/10/14) - Marfa to Roswell to Tijeras (Albuquerque)
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Tripbase Blog Awards 2009
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12/10 - EMPATHIC LISTENING TAKES time, but it doesn't take anywhere near as much time as it takes to back up and correct misunderstandings when you're already miles down the road, to redo, to live with unexpressed and unsolved problems, to deal with the results of not giving people psychological air. - from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
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